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Clubhouse, Super Bowl Ads and Visionaries Changing the Luxury World

Clubhouse, Super Bowl Ads and Visionaries Changing the Luxury World
By Vincenzo Landino • Issue #1 • View online
Every so often, an app comes along that takes the social media world by storm.
Whether it be Google+, Meerkat, Blab and the most recent, Clubhouse, there always seems to be amazing opportunities to grow your business or brand right at your fingertips.
Right now it’s Clubhouse. And right now, you should probably be spending time on there. Even if it’s just to explore.
Voice give us something we’ve lost in a texting, tweeting, Instagramming, TikTok'ing world.
Emotion. Intention. Connection.
These are powerful communication factors. Ones that we’ve missed out on over the past year, but have been losing slowly as a society faster and faster since the smartphone and social media.
Enter Clubhouse.
Celebrities, rappers, CEO’s, and regular old folks like me jump into rooms to converse about anything and everything, from marketing, to sports, to love and more. There are even matchmaking rooms and “Bachelor” style shows.
For those that see the opportunity voice gives them, they spend more than their fair share of the day on the app.
I haven’t seen brands on the app with campaigns, but I envision a place for customer service, community building and creative engagements not too far off, and likely being worked on as I type this.
Are you using Clubhouse? Have you seen a unique use case? Let me know. And give me a follow over there, I’m @vincenzo.

My Super Bowl Ad Early Winners
Put Ryan Reynolds in anything and it’s bound to be a hit.
Mix in one part Diddy, one part David Beckham and a whole lot of generosity for hard-hit bartenders, and you’ve got yourself a funny ad with star power that actually does good.
Better yet, they didn’t have to spend the $5 milli on a TV spot.
Ryan Reynolds
Huge News! @Diddy, Beckham and I have mixed something special up for Sunday.

One part @DeleonTequila
One part @HaigClub
One part @AviationGin
Splash of bad boy
Twist of whimsy
A shirtless Michael B. Jordan as Amazon’s assistant is the thirst trap we’re all A-ok with.
I love Will Ferrell. GM’s electric car push will be fun to watch, as Audi and Norway are responding.
Why does Will Ferrell hate Norway? The answer is in @GM's ad for the #SuperBowl, which spotlights the country's embrace of electric vehicles. Read more here:

Then register to be an #AdMeter panelist and rate all the commercials:
I also am very much a big fan of Game of Thrones, so I’m big time in love with any Game of Thrones reference/crossover. Audi and Norway’s response to GM…
Audi Norway Globus
Audi Norway Globus
Pay Attention to These Visionaries
23 Black Visionaries Who Are Changing the Luxury Space Right Now
There’s hardly an industry that hasn’t benefitted from the contributions of Black people—and that extends to luxury. From visionary designers who shape the clothes we wear and the spaces we inhabit to the culinarians and winemakers who craft some of our most memorable eating and drinking experiences, the luxury world wouldn’t be the same without their achievements. And because the things these creators make and do matter—and deserve recognition far beyond Black History Month—Robb Report is highlighting a group of Black visionaries who are changing the luxury industry every single day.
These are names you’ll want to keep you eyes and ears on that will be shaping luxury for years to come.
A Finger on Culture
Porsche and Tag Heuer announce Carrera Porsche Chronograph
The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph embraces a dual identity that’s been decades in the making. It borrows queues from Porsche, using them to embellish the watch, but not beating us across the head with that crossover branding. The watch leverages TAG Heuer’s Calibre 02 automatic chronograph movement (history buffs will note that Heuer was one of a trio of companies that introduced an automatic chronograph to the world, simultaneously), and a 44mm case as the palette for understated nods to racing.
Inside Tudor’s HQ: how Rolex’s sibling is quietly transforming watchmaking
Widely known as Rolex’s little brother, Tudor is breaking the mould with a modern look at an industry as old as time itself.
Ten of the best art documentaries to watch right now
Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic have come together to launch an uber-cool collection of headphones
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